Skin Care Tools

Skin Care Tools
There are a variety of skin care tools available. You can also try FURR By Pee Safe Facial
Massage Kit, NuFace Sculpting Wand, Stacked Skincare high-frequency facial wand, or the
LUNA mini 2 facial cleansing brush skin tightening device. If you want to learn more about them, read on! Here are a
few of the latest innovations in skin care. Weigh the pros and cons of each to find out which one
is best for you.

FURR By Pee Safe Facial Massage Kit
The FURR range of face serums from Pee Safe has been formulated for specific purposes. The
brand’s products are packaged in attractive, modern packaging, and come with detailed product
descriptions. Pee Safe’s products also address social bias, environmental impacts, and health
concerns. Pee Safe’s FURR range of face serums is available at retail outlets in Ahmedabad,
Gurgaon, and Bengaluru.
This facial massage kit is a combination of a jade roller and a flat tool for massage. The jade
roller contours facial muscles, while the Gua Sha tool improves the firmness of facial skin and
increases collagen. The gold serum is also included in the kit. The kit is tamper and tearproof.
It’s made with the highest quality ingredients to offer maximum benefit.
NuFace Sculpting Wand
The NuFace Sculpting Wand is one of the most popular facial skin care tools available on the
market today. It works from the very first use and continues to improve with repeated use. It is
easy to hold and does not cause any physical pain. It works with conductive gel which is applied
to the face in a simple and odorless way and seamlessly absorbs after every use. Users can
expect dramatic results after a few uses.
Designed by microcurrent aestheticians, NuFace is an at-home microcurrent device that targets
the face and neck contours. This device is extremely small and fits comfortably in the palm of
your hand. It also includes a charging cradle and promises to provide instant results. The battery
life of this device is approximately two weeks. Whether you’re looking to smooth out fine lines or
contour your face, the NuFace Sculpting Wand will help you achieve your goals.

Stacked Skincare high-frequency facial wand

The Stacked Skincare high-frequency facial wig uses an argon gas electrode to deliver a micro-
current into the skin that kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. It also boosts cellular

metabolism to plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Users report smoother,
plumper skin, and reduced redness and inflammation. This device is designed to be safe for both
active and cystic acne. It also features a U.S. plug, so it’s a convenient way to use this beauty
product in the comfort of home.
While both high-frequency wands work to improve the skin’s texture, the Stacked Skincare
version is $35 cheaper. It comes with two attachments: a mushroom cap for larger areas and a
sparker for blemishes. Users should move the wand in a circular motion over the affected area.

To make the treatment more effective, apply a serum to speed up cell turnover and heal
Stacked Skincare LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush
This battery-operated, facial cleansing brush has bristles that move continuously to remove dead
skin and make your skin more smooth. Its constant pressure feature is ideal for facial cleansing
because it removes dead skin from the deepest pores and prevents the need for extractions. The
tool also promotes facial circulation and lymphatic drainage, making pores appear smaller and
preparing the skin for serums.
The LUNA mini 2’s advanced T-Sonic(tm) technology removes 99.5% of impurities, minimizing
the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With eight adjustable intensities, this brush works in
any skin type. LUNA comes in two models – sensitive and combination. It is hygienic compared
to nylon, and is quick-drying.